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Inspiration galore...

So, I thought today I would spend some time investing in me, ideas, crazy inspirations and potentially try to bring a whole new style to my work. My goodness my eyes have been opened, I have never seen images like it, I can take a great photograph but my god, the digital artists introducing unparalleled creative into images is phenomenal. I've just been introduced to the likes of 500px and Behance, I signed up to both as I was intrigued to see what they were and what they could do for me. Well 4 hours later, Ive found myself enthralled by peoples talents and skills from many different walks of life, introducing their own touches to their artwork across so many different platforms and mediums. There are too many to list here, you'd be scrolling for days before you got to the bottom of this blog post, but I will report back with some of my all time favourite posts and images. Seriously, have a look on Bechance, I'm sure you will find something within 3 seconds that will wow you!

On another note, interesting lead from a colleague working on The Diana Award who's a videographer and digital artist and owner at Shiny Studio based in Northampton who wants to create something 3D from a photograph. Lets see where this leads...

Right, time for me to iron out a few little niggles with my website. JCM out.