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Its been a while....

I didn't realise how long it has been since I last wrote a blog post on JCM Photography! However, I have been a very busy bee since my last spot. 

I've been doing all my usual weddings with some very exciting outcomes, Ive had the pleasure of travelling the country to photograph some beautiful venues! My most recent wedding was at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking for the wonderful James & Julia Cornford-Hooke. It was a little out of the ordinary but thats what made it so special and unique for the couple. 

We went out into the vineyards to take some images but being March, there was nothing to show on the vines but that didn't worry us. It was a bit chilly but James and Julia were both fantastic and didn't mind battling the cold for the 15 minutes we were out there. I'll get a selection their images posted ASAP!

In other news, I do a lot of photographic work for The Diana Award and its Anti-Bullying Pro campaign. Its allowed me to travel to schools, film studios, Facebook HQ, Barclaycard HQ, Alexandra Palace as well as a whole host of other places to photograph awesome people doing even more awesome things to try and help rid the world of bullying. The staff at The Diana Award are inspirational, they are truly passionate about the cause and believe in what they do, this is apparent in all of the images I have taken of them. The children and ambassadors who are involved all over the country are the real power houses behind the message and the work they have done and continue to do is truly impeccable. Having been bullied as a child myself, it is a cause that hits home with me and I love photographing the energy and passion these children have to knock bullying on the head.

I have also started to undertake some colour grading work for Shiny Studio, a local guerrilla filming crew in Northampton that I am extremely proud to be part of. They have a beautiful studio for hire right in the heart of Northampton and its a great place for me to go and work and surround myself with a couple of pretty cool, creative individuals. If you ever need a video colour grading or correcting, hit me up! As a team we've undertaken some cool projects for The Diana Award, SPAR supermarkets and HSBC and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Shiny Studio and JCM Photography.

I think thats enough for now....so on that note, till next time, JCM out!